Talk to the Goddess!  A few notes to the Acolytes (contributors). Please note, Zulick is not the Goddess, but merely another Acolyte. The Goddess is blessed Peitho herself, and is the collective voice of all of us.

These wiki pages largely replace an older web site (Zulick Home Page at Wake Forest ).  All material that is factual in nature and worthy of public comment and contribution is being gradually moved to this site.  Please leave your reactions to the site and reports of your activities here!

How You Can HelpEdit

There are a number of ways you can contribute, especially by Adding pages, Commenting on texts, and Updating or Correcting pages.

Adding PagesEdit

While we are still under construction, you can look at the old site, see if a page is of interest, and move the contents to a new page on this site.  Then edit the main page to create a link to the new page in the appropriate spot.  Or you can add material from elsewhere that fits the content of these pages--especially primary texts and bibliographies in the areas of Ancient Mediterranean Rhetoric, Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, and American Public Discourse.

Commenting on TextsEdit

The primary texts on this site have a uniform arrangement.  Wiki code does not allow for protected areas within a page.  The Goddess expects that the actual texts of speeches will be put up using Paragraph.Sentence nos. in italics (e.g.1.1), with a new line at each Paragraph.  Please do not do more than correct obvious editorial spelling errors within primary texts.  Do not attempt to correct spelling or punctuation that is irregular in the original text.

At the top of a page of primary text, write a very brief description.  Below the primary text, add a section for General Commentary, then a section for Line by Line Commentary, where contributors can add comments on specific passages.  This format is intentionally analogous to a biblical commentary.  Study existing pages of this type for a model.

Updating and Editing PagesEdit

Over the years, the bibliographies on these pages have been very popular as a quick reference to what has been written in journals of communication and rhetoric on select topics of interest to the Goddess and her acolytes.  Many users have requested particular articles to be added, and updating these pages became a chore that got short shrift.  Now, instead of sending a cumbersome request, you can add your suggested titles directly! 

And of course, errors do creep in, from spelling and grammar, to errors of historical fact.  Please get out your red pencils and go for it.

Zulick (talk) 15:12, December 7, 2012 (UTC)