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Index PagesEdit

These indices make it easy to reach the most commonly used types of information on the site.

Index of Primary TextsEdit

Index of BibliographiesEdit

Index of NotesEdit

Ancient Mediterranean Rhetoric (Ancient Israel, Greece, Rome, and the Hellenistic Diaspora to Augustine)Edit

Notes on Rhetorical History and Rhetoricians in the Ancient WorldEdit

Chronology of Ancient Mediterranean and Greco-Roman Rhetoric Edit

The Rhetorical AristotleEdit

Gorgias of LeontiniEdit

Primary Texts in Ancient Mediterranean RhetoricEdit

Thucydides Critique of Empire: A Guide to the Key Passages

Bibliographies in Ancient Mediterranean RhetoricEdit

The Rhetorical Aristotle: Sources

The Rhetorical Augustine: Sources

The Rhetorical Cicero: Sources


Ethos and Pathos

Gorgias of Leontini: Sources

Greek Rhetoric: General and Comparative Sources

Isocrates: Sources

Plato: General Sources

Plato, Gorgias: Sources

Plato, Phaedrus: Sources

Sophistic Rhetoric

American Public DiscourseEdit

Notes on Rhetorical History and Orators in American Public DiscourseEdit

Emancipation Movements from 1865: A Chronology

Slavery and Compromise: A Rhetorical History

Primary Texts in American Public DiscourseEdit

These texts are loosely grouped by subject. The history of this wiki dictates many of the topics are organized by emancipation movement. Where a speech can be defined as belonging to multiple topics it is duplicated under each except if the entire category is a subset, v. Presidential Rhetoric and American Government. Please see the Index of Primary Texts for a complete alphabetical listing by speaker.

Abolition of Slavery Edit

American Anti-Slavery Society, Constitution

American Anti-Slavery Society, Declaration of Sentiments (1833)

Frederick Douglass, We Have Decided To Stay

Frederick Douglass, What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?

William Lloyd Garrison Liberator (1831)

Lucretia Mott, The Law of Progress

Wendell Phillips, Speech at Faneuil Hall

AntiWar / Pacifism / Student Movements

William Lloyd Garrison's Peace Declaration

Joseph McCarthy, Speech, 1950

Army v. McCarthy Hearings Excerpts

C. Wright Mills' "Letter to the New Left

Port Huron Statement

Mario Savio: "Speech at Berkeley"

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Position Paper: Women in the Movement

Federalism Debate Edit

Federalist No. 9

Civil Rights Edit

W.E.B DuBois, Address to the Nation

John F. Kennedy: Civil Rights Address

Martin Luther King, Jr., I Have a Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. - Letter from Birmingham Jail

Malcolm X: "The Ballot or The Bullet"

Separation vs. Integration: A Debate

Booker T. Washington, Atlanta Exposition Address

Founding Documents / American Politics, Government and Ideas Edit

Bill of Rights

Constitution of the United States

Benjamin Franklin, Speech on the Constitution

Labor Emancipation / Socialism Edit

Eugene V. Debs, The American Movement.

Eugene V. Debs, Statement to the Court.

Joseph McCarthy, Speech, 1950

Army v. McCarthy Hearings Excerpts

Albert Spies, Address to the Court

Presidential Edit

Lyndon Johnson, Inaugural Speech: "Let Us Continue"[1]

Kennedy, First Inaugural Address

Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address

Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address

Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address

Abraham Lincoln, A House Divided

Abraham Lincoln, Address at a Sanitary Fair

Barack Obama, Victory Speech 2008

Ronald Reagan, Challenger Address

Woman's Rights / Feminism / Gay Rights Edit

Susan B Anthony- "Is it a Crime for a US Citizen to vote?"

Susan B. Anthony, To the National Council of Women of the United States

Susan B. Anthony, Lecture on The Rights and Wrongs of Women

Frederick Douglass, "On Woman's Suffrage"

Sarah Grimke, Letter in Response to the Pastoral Letter

Kathie Sarachild: "A Program for Feminist: Consciousness Raising"

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Position Paper: Women in the Movement

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Remarks to the U.N. 4th World Conference on Women Plenary Session

Bibliographies in American Public DiscourseEdit

Abolition of Slavery

Civil Rights from Reconstruction to Now

Federalists and Anti-Federalists

Feminist Rhetoric

Labor Movement

Lincoln: Rhetorical Sources

Presidential Rhetoric:  General and Comparative Sources

Presidential Rhetoric:  Individual Presidents A-Z

The Prophetic Mode in American Public Discourse

Revolutionary Mode in American Public Discourse

Roosevelt, Theodore

Roosevelt, Eleanor

Woman's Rights

External Links in American Public DiscourseEdit

These links are limited to the few fully general sites on American Public Discourse, including those constrained by gender race and class since the Goddess believes these should not be segregated.

American Rhetoric

Bingham, Caleb. Columbian Orator.

Black Americans in Congress

Civil Rights Digital Library

Rhetorical Theory and CriticismEdit

The Rhetorical Theory and Criticism index page has links to pages on classical and contemporary rhetorical theory, further notes and references.

The Canon of StyleEdit

This page has all manner of rhetorical features and terms of style, links and references.

Bibliographies in Rhetorical Theory and CriticismEdit

These bibliographies are created to be comprehensive in defined areas of rhetorical theory and criticism; and selective in related areas from other disciplines.

Critical Theory, Controversy, Publics and Counter Publics

General Sources on Style




Ethos and Pathos, Voice, Persona, Audience, Identification

Ideological Rhetoric

Kairos and Time

Metaphor: Sources

Musical Rhetoric and Protest Music

Narrative Theory and Criticism

Rhetorical Situation

Semiotics, Poststructuralism and Critical Rhetoric

Visual Rhetoric: Sources

Notes on WritingEdit

These pages contain many notes and instructions on writing rhetorical criticism.

Writing Rhetorical CriticismEdit

How to Find a SpeechEdit

External LinksEdit

There are many external links to interesting, reliable and relevant content throughout this site. These are just a few links whose reach is global across all topics.

Oremus Bible Browser

Perseus Digital Library

Project Gutenberg

Shakespeare Online

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