About: President Mandela:

Black Histories: Animation:
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Elementary Event's:

Time Elementary Events could go even father:

Dr. Luther King is not alone:

Black Panthers Community: Shield Defense Soilders: Against Police Brutally, Segregation and Banning Weapons: while trying to scared the Washington Boarder White House.

Mohammad Ali Lee: Boxer:

Malcolm X: Preacher and Economy Leader: a also against Police Brutally:

Jamaican President : Man-Lee


Collen Powell: Secretary Stateship:

George Marcus Washington Carver: Innovator of Peanuts Rescipes:

Mandela African President:

also became a Lawyer:

Since his Father was a leader of a Royalty Resident Tribe Nation: Just maybe the government did not want Mandela to Graduate, or met the A.N.C. Civil Nationalist , or becoming a Civil Protest Right Minister. The Government did not want him to speaking out representing the economy. Growing-up his father died, Secound Leader of the Resident Tribe leader adopted him as family. Who knew Mandela was meant for something more?

Mandela Immigrate to London as a Security officer only to be sent back to Africa. He was against Seclusion Division Separatist Oppressor's: A community split down trotted by the Apartheid Poverty Separatist and Segregation.

Mandela spoke about the Civil Justice of Illegal Privileges wanting the same equal rights as the Prosperous Rich Oppressor's: sector of the city.

He also spoke about against Authority Brutal force Militant Officers and the Government: who brought Bully Brutality against the Economy Sector of Nation to keep them down. Separatist Oppressor's: who try to Copy the Starving Nation similar to Ethiopia, Poverty Poor Resident's: The Government tried to worsen the Economy.

The Government put Mandela in Solitary Confident: cut him off from the active economy participation, leading him to House Arrest for two-seven years. The Economy Gather together in Union making Mandela The First African Prime Minister leader of the Economy Nation, change has come.

There is a saying:

The Property Island is given: Africa Nation, However Minus, without Globule Economy of Africa:The Property land is owned or stolen by the Politarians. An Island is a Island until nation citizens unite.

The land is split Divided: The Colony Resident's. Apartheid Citizen Resident's are still poor, in Poverty. Citizen Prosperous Residents are Rich is Still Wealthy, Society People and the City Hall must secure their Community and create stability, with the aid, help support of the foreign Countries.

Modern Housing should apply to everyone. The Separatist Oppressors: Split Segregation: Without Mix Diversity. Only the rich could lives within the Built developed, upgrade Base Structural Land Foundation, could this be favouritism? The Big Divide, meanwhile the poor is still striving. .


About Malcolm X:

Black Histories: Animation:

Elementary Time Dimension Events:

could go even father: Dr. Luther King is not alone:

Black Panthers Community: Shield Defense Soilders: Against Police Brutally, Segregation and Banning Weapons: while trying to scared the Washington Boarder White House.

Mohammad Ali Lee: Boxer:

Malcolm X: Preacher and Economy Leader: a also against Police Brutally:

African President Mandela: Against Separatist Apartheid and Poverty:

Jamaican President : Man-Lee


Collen Powell: Secretary Stateship:

George Marcus Washington Carver: Innovator of Peanuts Rescipes:

Elementary Time Dimension Events: is for Learning: should do more:

Our Friend Malcolm X:

X: Serves to the Oppressors: Mean Unknown:

Demanding to Freeing Slaves from an Oppressed

Ownership: A Bigotry Nation.

Police surveillance watched, carded Black's, Dark Residents. Society is in the cross-roads either go to school or sent to jail. Community residents sent their youngsters to get a eduction. They must learn from their former mistakes where our historical dark past has failed: in Union Corperation.

An Orphan child: a Friend of his father is perhaps Jealous of the orphan child's Dad. It turn out The Child Father became the head Reverend Priest Leader of the Church Ministry and the Congregation.

The suspect got drunk and burned down his whole house causing the death of the Orphan Child family. Only one soul surviver lived, an unforgivable crime. The suspect tries to apologize however it is too late. The Child Forgives the perpetrator latter on, however the suspect has to live with the burden to what happened. The Child is invited to the Church chapel to take refuge to stay where Malcolm onces stood. A roll-ex watch standing on the Podium, he wines it up back in the dimensional past, he met Malcolm X.

Youngster: Malcolm family lived in a Desegregation spit Neighbour-Hood similar to Martin Luther King, His father once a Priest. The Clan Bigot Oppressors chased them from their home (burnt by fire,) The Clan Separatist caused the death of his dad on purpose.

Growing up: Malcolm mother shocked by the death of her husband, alone tried to take care of the children herself. The shock eventually caused her death of her as well. Malcolm and his brother's and sister were orphan were separated apart.

Adult: "All mean's necessary": He will do what ever it take to protect his culture and his family, "Engage the enemy", nothing will stand his way however Wheelers who handles Weapons may put his family or himself in a cross-fire endangerment, Target Demise Death, Strike Return Revengences sending Malcolm either in prison or to be executed.

The Orphan Child felt Despair blocking out any personal feelings to whom tries to approach him, the Irony of greeting or contact.He met a friend who was willing to teach aid and comfort the child freeing him from his shackles.

His friend taught him how to read, preparing him for school, The Orphan became a humble Christian and he became respectful before he got himself adopted. The Guardian Parents came in three days to pick him up from the Orphanage. Secound morning: he went back to the chapel winding the watch back once again.

Malcolm once an unruly Prisoner got help from an inmate while studying the Curran Bible. Getting support, got him out of jail. Cleanse the heart: He met Mohammad Ali-Lee, Malcolm became modest Man, State-Protester, Stateship Speaker and expressed Religious Freedom in front of the Congregation and the audience.

Malcolm gathered a crowd to make sure an Minister acquaintance got the medical attention, his brother or sister's who needed it. Similar to Martin he would not leave until the doctors stated he would be healthy. From statement of the Police frustrated, they thought he had too much power".

The Reverend Priest Leader and the Minister's, became Jealous of Malcolm, betraying him sending the minster community speaker to house arrest, also giving him missing reports, to keep him silence. Even Malcolm wife did not like their living quarters in a small boarder house, she wanted to move out.

Malcolm gain Inspiration from his Wife while speaking to a stadium audience and reporters Interviewers about the House Slave and the Field Slaves. How the Oppressed, The Field Slave wanted to escape the Oppressornist Master house, but the house slave converted stated to the Master: We/ agree: wanted to stay, lowered himself to the Masters level did not want to escape, and also spoke about those who tried to escape will be Brutally death with. Field Slaves tells the House slave to run away with them. The Problem: The House does not want to leave.

The Problem: Separatist Clan Oppressors changed Uniforms: Militant Oppressors cloak themselves as Authority Police: Globule Regional Peace Keepers once on the wrong side of Justice Rights of the law.

The Black, Dark Economy should Unify as a people, Help Ourselves, before we can help others, we need to stand in the Settlement delegation position. The Black, Dark Community searches for Independents, Integration and Freedom as a nation: Mix Culture.

The Guardian parents adopted the child: however they lived across the Boarder Region Province Next Door. He is greet by a whole new friendship companions who also respects him and is tolerant to his believes. When he went upstairs to explore his new room quarters, he saw the watch which stood on the ledge window should have been at the chapel, with final detail of Malcolm X's Life. After the child is finished it disappeared.

On Malcolm X travels: Israel, Pakistan, Palestine, Bethlehem Malcolm believes The Citizens of the nation prayed shared a common heavenly person: The Lord: The Mighty God, and the Lord Profit Jesus Christ light of Truth, Knowledge: and Modest Morality of Love.

The Problem: "take your hand in out my pocket: Meant to stop living some else's life. Once Malcolm Rebelled and gathered Weaponary Assault endangering his society and his people, Perhaps the assassins wanted the former Malcolm back who pledge war against the public Oppressors, and the Authority Officers: Malcolm became a different man.

" By All Mean Necessary: meant to rise to the occasion, "We gotta do what we have too," all thing are possible, Rebellion Protest were against a separate split Segregation Community and dispear Oppressionist, once people were divided, not in diversity." Malcolm tried to reason with his nemesis's, Suspect's caused the Death of Malcolm making him another free Martyr to the economy, and allowing the community to express their Religious Hearts and Freedom.

Another outspoken Minister